The following sites will help you on your way to becoming a safe and responsible driver.

Advocacy and Safety Groups

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - A group committed to putting a stop to drunk driving

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Government organization dedicated to saving lives and preventing crashes

The Family Guide to Teen Driver Safety courtesy of the National Safety Council - The Department of Transportation's guide to selecting the safest cars and car parts


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - An independent organization devoted to preventing injuries, death, and property damage on the roads

Traveling Tips

National Traffic and Road Closure Information courtesy of the Federal Highway Administration - The United States Department of Energy's guide to using fuel wisely

Games and Study Aids

Driver's Ed Video Game courtesy of

Driver's Ed Quizzes and Games courtesy of

Driver's Ed Videos courtesy of the AAA Foundations for Traffic Safety

We know you are tired of sitting in classrooms, so why do it if you don't have to? Take our state-approved driver education online class at home and when it is convenient for you.

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